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I'm Krystle Kaul. I'M A PROUD VA-10 ONE LOUDOUN RESIDENT AND THE ONLY WOMAN RUNNING WHO LIVES IN LOUDOUN! I'm not a career politician, I'm a defense tech small business owner, an educator and a former senior defense official. I'm running for Congress because I believe our district deserves someone who has the energy, experience and courage to confront the challenges we face, head-on.
I'm a small business owner helping disadvantaged businesses get a fair shot in the US defense industrial base. I am also Head Facilitator at MIT Sloan through my employer 2U. I was a Director (GS-15) in the highest civilian rank at the Department of Defense. I spent my career protecting our country at the CIA, US Central Command and the Pentagon.
I have lived many of the challenges our country and Northern Virginia families face.
1) I will fight to protect our reproductive health freedoms which are under attack.
2) I will fight to ensure gun safety to keep our schools and communities safe.
3) I will fight MAGA extremists who threaten our democracy.
As your next congresswoman, I will fight to ensure the same opportunities that enabled my immigrant grandparents to achieve their American dream remain accessible to all. I will fight for the small business owners fueling our local economy. I will fight for livable wages for our families. And, I will always fight against any legislation that attacks our freedoms or enemies that threaten our way of life.

    71 countries in country experience

    12 foreign policy fellowships

    9 languages

    7 elite security delegations

    1 Top Secret/SCI security clearance with polygraph

    B.A. from American University in International Relations and Certificate Study in Women in Politics

    M.A. from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in International Relations

    M.A. from Brown University in Political Science (where she was working on her Ph.D. and conducted fieldwork in Kashmir, Israel, and Palestine).

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About Krystle

Krystle Kaul in Ashburn, VA

The granddaughter and daughter of immigrants, Krystle knows firsthand the power of the American dream. She is a proud Indian American with Kashmiri and Punjabi roots and practices both Hinduism and Sikhism. Krystle is the first ever Kashmiri Hindu and only Sikh candidate in the US running for Congress.
When her grandfather arrived in the United States, he came with a dream for a better life. So he got a job as an insurance agent and through hard work and perseverance, he built a great life for his family in NY.
Krystle has spent her life protecting the country that welcomed her grandparents with open arms. From US Central Command to the Pentagon with regional expertise from the Middle East to South Asia, Krystle has stood up for her country where the threats are greatest and the stakes couldn’t be higher.
A national leader in the defense and intelligence community, she has championed global counterterrorism. Krystle served as a Director (GS-15) of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency at Department of Defense, the Director of Strategic Communications of the U.S. Air Force for General Dynamics Information Technology, and as an Intelligence Political-Military Expert at U.S. Central Command.

Within a year of Donald Trump taking office, Former Secretary of Defense General Mattis resigned and Krystle also left her position shortly thereafter.
Determined to continue to make a difference, she opened a small business that assists 8(a) firms, disabled veteran and women-owned businesses, as well as medium to large companies, including McKinsey, Bain and Bank of New York Mellon in helping them to apply their technology solutions to safeguard the U.S. Committed to help U.S. manufacturing, Krystle helped to lead the Chips Act task force at Intel Corporation and collaborated with Lockheed Martin and small businesses to promote manufacturing jobs for Americans. 
Krystle has experience building electronic villages with UN Women, working on development in Afghanistan with USAID and providing relief to Haiti through the American Red Cross.
She also has extensive experience working with leading policy think tanks, including Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Beirut, Ibn Khaldun Center for Development and Democracy in Cairo, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Center for Strategic and International Studies and RAND Corporation.
A national leader in the defense and intelligence communities, a small business owner and a former professor, Krystle understands the daily struggles of the people of VA-10. She is running to keep America safe in a world that gets more dangerous every day, and to make sure the next generation of Virginians has the same opportunities her grandfather did, growing up in a country where everyone, no matter who you are or what you look like, has the chance to make a good living, raise a family, and create an American dream of their own.
She lives in Ashburn, VA, and loves baking, salsa dancing, hiking, rollerblading and spending quality time with her family and friends.


Guarding our homeland and ensuring public safety

A Record of Service, A Future of Security


Sec. Lloyd Austin

Current US Secretary of DefenseUS Army Four-Star General (Ret.)


Gen. Paul Selva

Fmr. Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of StaffUS Air Force Four-Star General (Ret.)


Gen. James Clapper

Fmr. Director of National IntelligenceUS Air Force Three-Star General (Ret.)


Gen. Michael Hayden

Fmr. Director of the CIAUS Air Force Four-Star General (Ret.)


Gen. Robert Caslen

Fmr. Superintendent of West PointUS Army Three-Star General (Ret.)


Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti

Fmr. Commander US European CommandUS Army Four-Star General (Ret.)


Gen. Stanley McChrystal

Fmr. Joint Special Ops CommanderUS Army Four-Star General (Ret.)


Gen. Charles Wald

Fmr. Commander US Central CommandUS Air Force Four-Star General (Ret.)

Use of Krystle’s job titles and photographs in uniform or with members of the Department of Defense (DoD) does not imply endorsement by the DoD nor from these current or past officials and reference to the DoD does not imply endorsement from the DoD.




Kuldip Thusu

City Council MemberFormer Mayor of Dinuba, CA


Robin Roopnarine

Former Candidate for Loudoun County Treasurer


Senator Manka Dhingra

Candidate for Attorney General (D) for Washington

The Journey Forward, The Legacy Behind

A Proven Record: A Journey of Dedication and Expertise

  • Small Business Owner of Krystle Klear Communications (Defense tech firm helping businesses get government contracts) 

  • Former Director of Communications (GS-15), Defense Threat Reduction Agency

  • Former Political-Military Intelligence Expert at US Central Command (CENTCOM) (Employer: Leidos)

  • Former Senior Advisor, National Counter-proliferation Center at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) (Employer: Booz Allen Hamilton)

  • Head Facilitator, MIT Sloan (Employer: 2U)

  • force, military, army, jet, plane, aircraft, medal

    Former Director, Strategic Communications for Air Force (Employer: GDIT)

  • hidden

    Active Top Secret/SCI security clearance with a polygraph. 

  • Speaks 9 Languages: English, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Kashmiri, Arabic, Dari, and Italian


Abortion Rights

In a time when reproductive rights are under attack, Krystle Kaul will be a leader in fighting back against extremists who want to make decisions about other peoples’ bodies. In Congress, Kaul will fight to codify Roe v. Wade to protect abortion rights nationwide and oppose any legislation that limits a person’s right to reproductive freedom or restricts access to abortion.

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Common Sense Gun Safety Laws

Our children should feel safe at school and Americans should feel safe at the grocery store or mall. Krystle Kaul is fed up with politicians putting politics ahead of solutions. Kaul will work for common sense laws, such as banning the sale of high-capacity magazines and assault weapons used in mass shootings and closing the loophole that allows people who have committed dating violence to have guns.

Standing Against MAGA Extremism

Krystle Kaul will always stand up to extremist MAGA Republicans. When Trump put our national security at risk, she resigned from the Department of Defense along with then-Defense Secretary Mattis to protest the corruption and chaos. Kaul is not afraid to speak truth to power to defend our country and protect democracy.

National Security

For more than two decades, Krystle has worked to protect America and the promise of the American Dream for all who live here.She’ll continue to stand up for American values and the safety and security of our families.

Women's Rights

Krystle is a fierce defender of women’s reproductive freedoms and will fight to ensure women have access to the quality care and support they need to make the decisions that are best for them and their families, without government interference.
She’ll also support legislation to combat violence against women, close the wage gap, reduce inequities, and increase services for maternal health care.

Economy & Jobs

Krystle understands that a thriving economy is critical to Americans’ ability to participate in a strong workforce and provide for their families.As a small business owner, she’ll work to advance legislation that supports businesses, reduces unnecessary regulatory burdens, grows opportunities for entrepreneurs, creates good jobs, and keeps costs low for working families.

Energy & the Environment

Climate change is one of the greatest threats to not just the health of our people and planet, but also our economy and our national security.Krystle will support the expansion of clean energy jobs, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and the protection of our natural resources.

Health Care

Health care is a human right and Krystle will always fight for access to affordable care that prioritizes the well-being of every American, including measures to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, expand access to quality services, and ensure that no one has to choose between their health and their financial security.


Krystle knows that quality education is the cornerstone of a thriving society. She is committed to supporting policies that invest in our schools, teachers, and students, and to ensuring both our educators and kids are safe in their classrooms.

Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community

Krystle Kaul is dedicated to advancing LGBTQ+ rights, striving to eliminate discrimination and promote equality across all areas of society. She commits to safeguarding protections in employment, housing, and public life, ensuring that LGBTQ+ individuals can live without fear.

Protecting Senior Citizens

Krystle Kaul prioritizes the security of senior citizens by defending and enhancing Social Security and Medicare. She opposes privatization efforts and supports measures to reduce healthcare costs, ensuring seniors can enjoy a dignified retirement.



The New York Times

"Political antennae these days have grown extremely sensitive to oddities in House campaigns, especially résumés that feel off and campaign finance disclosures outside the norm. So eyebrows were raised early this year when a political unknown, Krystle Kaul, took the fund-raising lead in the wide-open Democratic primary to succeed Representative Jennifer Wexton in the Virginia suburbs and exurbs of Washington, D.C."


The Washington Post

"Krystle Kaul, a defense and communications contractor...has gained some recognition with voters through mailers and online ads..."


Blue Virginia

"As the granddaughter of Indian immigrants, I know firsthand the promise of the American Dream because I’ve benefited from the opportunities it gave my family"


Richmond Times Dispatch

Kaul, 39, was a director at the Department of Defense serving in the highest civilian rank. An Indian American, she now runs a consulting firm for businesses that need help in competing for defense-related federal contracts. She said she left the defense department in protest of Trump, just after the resignation of Secretary of Defense James Mattis in 2018.
“Fighting MAGA extremism is something I am really committed to and I have seen firsthand,” she said.


American Bazaar

"My motivation to run for Congress stems from my desire to be an inspiration for the next generation of young Indian American girls” she told The American Bazaar. “I aim to empower them to pursue any leadership role they set their sights on in life.


American Kahani

Kaul has spent her professional life in the national security and defense space from the Pentagon to think tanks and the defense industry. So her “profile resonates the most,” she said, as she’s the only one with that specific experience. “It’s the most relatable to my constituents because as a small business owner, I understand the instability of contracting and the challenges of receiving affordable healthcare".


Times of India

"As the first-ever Kashmiri Pandit and the sole Sikh woman currently running for Congress, Indian American Krystle Kaul said that she drew inspiration from the Sikh principle of oneness and a commitment to community service. Kaul, a recognized defense and national security expert, is vyiing for the US Congress from Virginia's 10th Congressional District."



Krystle Kaul, an Indian-origin foreign policy and national security expert rooted in Kashmir, has declared her candidacy for the US House of Representatives from Virginia's 10th Congressional District, aiming to address key issues like public safety, education, and healthcare.


Kashmir Today

"I've committed my career to countering terrorism and countering insurgency. Spending time in Kashmir, living there doing doctoral fieldwork, I've seen the aftermath of what happens in a conflict-ridden zone, I have witnessed it firsthand. I have spent my career with the Department of Defense proudly serving on counter-terrorism cells".


Global Indian News Network

"Krystle Kaul, a Virginia-based entrepreneur and former high-ranking government official at the Department of Defense (DoD), recently wrapped up the first quarter of her congressional campaign with an impressive fundraising total of $567,000. This financial achievement stands as the highest among all candidates in the race, according to a statement from her campaign."


Blue Ridge Leader & Loudoun Today

"Kaul has unparalleled experience, 20+ years leading counter-terrorism efforts for the Pentagon, Department of Defense, and the CIA. She is also an expert in AI, and cybersecurity."



"At a recent Loudoun County Democratic Committee meet and greet event we listened to and asked questions of 11 candidates in the primary election for the open Jennifer Wexton seat in the Virginia 10th congressional district. One first-time candidate, Krystle Kaul, had a powerful message and completely wowed us all."

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